Glamour Mini Pet Sofa


Luxury pet soft mini sofa
The Glamour pet sofa model is dedicated to interiors in a modern, functional and elegant style, is a timeless design. For your pet, it’s a guarantee of comfort and sweet dreams, and for the owner, a beautiful addition to the interior.

Comfortable sofa for cats and dogs
Glamour is a pet sofa designed for our four-legged friends. Designed for maximum comfort, while maintaining proper, high durability. Easy to care for and keep clean thanks to high-quality durable materials.

Handmade Soft mini sofa
All our dog furniture is handmade, from the smallest details to the finished product. Thanks to this, we have full control over the production process, carried out entirely in Europe. We use pet-friendly materials only.

Pet-friendly soft sofa
The solutions used in Glamour pet sofa designed by Pet Empire make the sofas safe and practical for our pets. The cushion is mounted with Velcro, and there is an additional protective layer between the upholstery and the filling.

Luxury mini sofas and couches for most sizes of cats and dogs
Hand made dog beds and sofas. Ergonomic dog couch. The dimensions of this dog sofa are suitable for most pets. The height of the backrest allows the mouth to rest comfortably. The stability of the structure allows the pet even a little fun-run in his empire.


35.5cmx50cmx80cm (HxDxW)


The Mini Sofas are made from durable, hight quality (75 000 Martindale’a test), easy clean, pet-friendly materials.

Care Instructions

The Easy Clean technology allows the removal of even tough stains without the need for chemical cleaning agents, simply use a damp cloth (not wet).

Delivery Info

15-Day Delivery.

It’s usually dispatched to courier within 3-4 working days. Once courier receives the item we will notify you the estimated delivery time with the tracking number. It usually will arrive to you in 10-15 days after dispatched. Should any unexpected events result delivery delayed we will notify you by email with further instructions.

For delivery outside the UK, please contact us before placing order.