Sacchetto Poop Bag Holder

By MiaCara

The elegant Sacchetto dog poop bag holder puts an end to loose poop bags and is a fashionable accessory for every dog walk.

The loop and the carabiner make it easy to attach Sacchetto to any leash, bag or clothing. The hidden zipper keeps the poop bag rolls* inside, while the side opening makes it able to remove them individually.

The material is water-repellent polyester, made from 100% recycled PET bottles. This makes the poop bag dispenser environmentally friendly, durable and easy to clean.

Sacchetto is part of the MiaCara Travel collection and can be perfectly paired with the Sporta dog carrier bag, the Gusto treat bag and many other items.

*not included in delivery

Design: Brandextend

*All images © MiaCara.


The Sacchetto poop bag holder is available in one sizes.

approx. 12 x 7 x 4,5 (L x W x H)



100% recycled Polyester

Care Instructions

To clean, wash the poop bag holder by hand in warm water. Please do not use harsh detergents to avoid damage.

Delivery Info

15-Day Delivery.

It’s usually dispatched to courier within 3-4 working days. Once courier receives the item we will notify you the estimated delivery time with the tracking number. It usually will arrive to you in 10-15 days after dispatched. Should any unexpected events result delivery delayed we will notify you by email with further instructions.

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