Erba Catnip

By MiaCara

Catnip is a great way to stimulate your cat and add a refreshing twist to playtime with your feline. The euphoric effect of the catnip encourages some extra activity and can calm down nervous cats.

Available in a resealable 25g pack in premium quality, catnip is perfect for filling the MiaCara Bosco cat toy.

The content consists of 100% dried catnip and is therefore completely harmless. However, eating larger quantities can lead to an upset stomach.

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The Erba catnip is available in a 25g package.



100% dried leaves of Nepetae Catariae

Care Instructions

Please store the catnip protected from light in a dry place.

Stability: Unopened in a room temperature of max. 25°C, 48 months from the date of manufacture.

Delivery Info

15-Day Delivery.

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