Aurora Dog Sweater

By MiaCara

Dress your dog in style this season in the sumptuously soft Aurora dog sweater. A must-have for all fashion-forward canines, Aurora is made from alpaca and sheep wool blend, making it snuggly and warm, while also being lightweight and easy to wear.

Designed by the MiaCara team, the Aurora dog sweater features a Scandinavian knit pattern in two pared-back colour combinations and offers optimal insulation thanks to a new knitting technique. The elastic turtleneck makes it easy to put the sweater over your dog’s head, while the beautifully soft quality of the knit ensures the ultimate in comfort for your dog.

Whether you are planning a winter walk in the park, or a day in the city with your dog, this stylish sweater will look the part. Pair it with any of MiaCara’s designer dog collars and leads to complete the look.

*All images © MiaCara.


The Aurora Dog Sweater is available in five sizes.

To determine the perfect size for your dog, please measure the chest of your dog and the length of the sweater as indicated.

Extrasmall: Chest (A) minimum 40 cm, Weight 4 - 6 kg, Length (B) 17 cm

Small: Chest (A) minimum 44 cm, Weight 6 - 10 kg, Length (B) 23 cm

Medium: Chest (A) minimum 50 cm, Weight 10 - 14 kg, Length (B) 27 cm

Large: Chest (A) minimum 56 cm, Weight 14 - 18 kg, Length (B) 32 cm

Extralarge: Chest (A) minimum 62 cm, Weight 18 - 27 kg, Length (B) 35 cm



 45% Polyacrylic, 37% Alpaca, 18% Wool

Care Instructions

Hand-wash is the best method of cleaning the dog sweater.

Please handle the garment carefully and wash it gently in warm water using a mild soap. Rinse the garment and carefully press excess water from the fabric.

Please do not wring or twist. After washing, roll the sweater in a towel to remove excess water. Then let the sweater air dry in shape. Please do not hang the garment, but store it flat to avoid stretching. Do not put into the dryer and do not iron. If stains do not come out during hand-wash, the sweater can be dry-cleaned.

Delivery Info

15-Day Delivery.

It’s usually dispatched to courier within 3-4 working days. Once courier receives the item we will notify you the estimated delivery time with the tracking number. It usually will arrive to you in 10-15 days after dispatched. Should any unexpected events result delivery delayed we will notify you by email with further instructions.

For delivery outside the UK, please contact us before placing order.