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Purrfect Your Home With Style

It all started after a difficult search for stylish yet good quality design pet furniture. We found a lot of the products available were old fashioned and whilst no doubt very comfortable for our four legged friends, a bit of an eyesore. We realised what was missing was a one stop pet lifestyle shop offering designer furniture and stylish accessories from the best manufacturers in the UK, Europe and US.

In our store you’ll find the items we’ve sourced is beautifully designed to blend in with your décor and lifestyle. Practical for you and comfortable for your pets, these are pieces both of you will adore. We also carefully selected accessories ranging from the everyday to bling for that special occasion. To make it easy for you to find that perfect pieces we’ve catagorised them by your pet’s behaviour!  

We at Glamourpurrs are also serious about our global responsibilities and care deeply about ethics and the environment. For these reasons we choose to only work with like minded brands, many of whom are small producers so you may have to wait a little longer but rest assured it will be worth the wait! Together we can protect the values of our brands. Come and join us, be inspired and find products you’ll love.